Production offers turnkey on-site live video services. Exclusively to Agencies, Brands and TV Networks. 

Training and Consultation

- Webinars and Panel Discussions

  • - Hardware, Software Training
  • - Product Demos
  • - Street Team Training
  • - Remote Workflow Consultation
  • - Remote/On-site ControlTraining

Our Street Team TV remote production overcomes the obstacles of a multi-pipe and sync production of 4G connected encoders while providing for high-quality live content delivered to a brands' audience. Our turn-key remote live production is resource that provides an intensive and network quality production without limits to the amount of live content you desire to your audience. Our remote production effectively removes bottlenecks in your live production workflows and let you deliver more live content at an outlandishly lower cost without lowering quality.

Data Transmission & Streaming

  • - Encoding Services and Feeds
  • - Uplinks and Downlinks
  • - Remote IP Workflows
  • - Local and Cloud Storage
  • - ​All-hands communications
  • - Transmission Workflows

Remote production is the ability to produce live broadcasts at a distance from the actual event, by sending raw camera feeds, audio, and equipment control over a telecoms infrastructure to a central studio facility.


Remote Production requires less on-site staff and less equipment to be deployed at the venue(s). The on-site crew is limited to the Street Team TV associates that are trained and proficient cameramen. While the outlandishly inexpensive, yet highly specialized staff is used for local activation, possibly covering multiple events per day. In the same way, production hardware, software and transport of video is produced and managed efficiently from a central control facility instead of being tied up during transport between venues. Remote Production saves the cost, and produced or single feeds are managed at the central control production facility to further increase production capacity.


Remote Production ensures that clients have direct access to central archives and other in-house resources to enable a richer content production and its' distribution. Using ou production staff in-house (our news room preditors), broadcasters (agencies, local television, brand management, etc.) can make the most from on-screen talent remotely, providing lead-ins/outs complimenting the street teams that are activating multiple productions per day. Last, by having access to raw camera feeds at the central studio facility, multi-platform production becomes more efficient and the content can be differentiated to create a better product for second screen, mobiles and niche audiences.


LIVE production in 4K Ultra HD requires additional investment in data transport and production equipment. The cost for upgrading to 4K is becoming more cost effective as we move to mote small-cell activation and upgrading of decoder technology at the control room. Costs can be provided for clients who mandates 4K enabled distribution with a limited fee structure increase. When a client desires assorted feed formats i.e. JPEG2000 compression, the costs for network capacity, transportation of data and at control room 4K production. In fact, remote production is perhaps the most significant enabler for live 4K production.

Full Scale Remote Production

  • - End-to-End Video Production
  • - Multi-Camera Production
  • - Remote-to-Venue Communication
  • - Remote Announcer Coordination
  • - Remote IP Workflows
  • ​- RoboCAM, Gimbles and more.

- Broadcast TV

- Set Top Boxes

- Streaming Media

Street Team TV has overcome obstacles of #GoPro and #Livestream. Our wearables are worn and

operated for 4G LTE wireless data transport.

 And, they are easy to sync with the street team crew. 

Street Team TV