Street Team TV

Mobile Wireless cameras on Street Teams go remote at high profile City events, Concerts, Beaches, Pools and Mountains.


Street Team TV is more open than ever and now includes ability to receive HD camera and video feeds, receive alpha channel graphics feeds, or send a program output from Studio to third party software, social networks and traditional television stations and networks.

All one has to do is look to YouTube as well as sites like FacebookLIVE to fully see the potential in terms of growth in users and revenue. In 2015, YouTube generated more than $9B in revenue. It sees more than 4 billion daily views and has more than 1 billion users worldwide.

Advanced OTT, OTA and Social Media #LIVE integration

Street Team TV allows more flexibility when streaming to all major networks (LIVE and VOD). Now, you can now tag a geographic location (check in) or tag friends to live video posts on any social media network. You can also stream to ‘scheduled livestreams’ on social media pages, provide pods for Local and National TV Networks and take advantage of advanced audience targeting.

The Street Team TV will soon be picked up in syndication and shown on various networks (ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox etc.) through traditional Television Syndication and #NewsRooms. Then Street Team TV will covering events, concerts, desirable location and festivals around world.

#LIVE Streaming & TV Syndication Growth

Innovators & Media TEam

Light Up Your Brand ... Bring it #aLIVE

Your Street Team or Ours Is Trained and Prepared From Day 1

Major social networks have been adding live streaming functionalities to drive revenue and strengthen their hold on social media users.Analytics tracks your live event’s stats in real-time. With it, you’ll know how many people are watching, where they’re watching from, what device they’re watching on, and more. It’ll help you analyze your viewership and form a clear vision of your audience and their preferences.

Analytics are included free with our Premium and Enterprise plans for both existing and new customers. Sign in or choose from the plans below and unlock your data today.

"The Street Team's Crews capture the fun and action at assorted events, concerts, pools, beaches and ski resorts nationwide for brands desireing to provide compelling, eye-catching, eye-keeping content to their consumers," added Phil Loiacono. "During the last 3 years, my experience on Twitch as a LIVE streamer has allowed our team to test and perfect our approach to LIVE Media."

our approach