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Our Street Team TV provides a group of media professionals who 'hit the streets' to bring #aLIVE news, branded content and Video-On-Demand (VOD). Our services include Network Quality Production and cost effective. TV Stations, Brands, leagues and venues services.

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Feeds for traditional TV Stations and multiple social media feeds can be made available. Assorted feeds include: J2K, MP4, MOV and other custom streams are standard practice in our managed service solution. Our team works within the compliances and governance.

Bring #LIVE eye-catching content.

Multi-Camera & Multi-Stream Production #LIVE

100's of #FANS are our cameramen at a LIVE Stream September '17! With Smartphones.

Customized reports analyzing the demographic and psychographic characteristics of your brands and media behavior will be made available to users to our Managed Services.  This may include: media behaviors, brand preferences, and attitudes down to ZIP +4.

strategic planning

- NO TV Trucks and NO Wires

- #LIVE Multi-Camera Productions 
- Remote Commentators & Production
- LIVE FEEDS to TV & Social Networks

Remote TV Production

We are creating efficiencies without compromising coverage. #Outlandishly #Inexpensive due to a significant reduction of onsite ops/production staffers and technicians. And, creating new #Jobs.

Network Quality TV Production is executed through our Managed Service Offerings. Brands, TV Stations & Agencies are provided the turn-key software & hardware. The turn-key remote production with Fixed & Mobile Wireless Cameras is as easy as Adobe Premiere, Final Cut or Avid.

Presentation Site

Analytics & Data Science

#GoPro #Nope ️ #Livestream #Nope

We overcame the obstacles of multi-camera sync & off-site network quality TV production.

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LIVE Beautiful Lives Project

Street team tv Services

TV & Social Media Feeds

Heads & Tails proves technology with Verizon support activation by Street Team TV

- LIVE September 23
- Life Is Beautiful 

- Behind The Scenes

- VIP Tour

• Verizon Innovation Center Tested and Professional Sports Proven Technology
• Outlandishly cost effective turn-key fully produced shows, b-roll and individual feeds
• Simple to use cutting edge small-chip camera & software technology
• Live streaming customized content double-purposed for additional branded uses
• Multi-cast at 1-time to Facebook, Instagram, Twitch, SNAP, Twitter, YouTube & Local TV